False Information Is Still Information

Assuming it’s not a troll, telling people to just go inform themselves is fucking dumb, one of the most difficult parts is already won: The person has your attention and interest, but you just throw it all away for the sake of laziness or pride.

When a liberal tells someone to just Google something because it’s not their job to teach (but want to get paid regardless for making a thread about how you should use Google), they just wasted an enormous chance and now, people who could otherwise be their allies, might be reading a post on neonazi.blogspost.com and start to believe that maybe Hitler wasn’t that bad, do you know why? Because false information is still information and surprise: People that don't know about a topic won't know how to filter out information about it. Hell, have you never noticed how many people who believe in the dumbest conspiracies always claim that YOU are the one who should be researching more?

This is specially true when spreading ideals that go against the propaganda machine of the state, the strongest it has ever been in modern times. How many times have you heard “Hitler Has Only Got One Ball”, British propaganda from a century ago made to mock an enemy that plenty of people still believe to this day? Or the fake Churchill quote “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.” on a random social media picture with thousands of shares and likes?

The age of information is also the age of disinformation and you can't just trust everything, so this I beg of you: Make a fucking reading list on notepad already and paste it when someone asks for introduction, it’s not that hard.